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Let me put my experience at the service of your company's future.

My name is George Berczely. I am looking to acquire and then personally manage a well-established Spanish company, ensuring a safe transition from its current owners.

With over 20 years of experience in business management and transformation, I want to work with your team to ensure the long-term success of your company.

If you are considering a business transition, let's talk.


My plan

In Spain there are a large number of well-established medium sized companies whose owners are in need of a succession plan. They are looking for a solution which will secure the long-term future of their company, as well as provide continuity for the employees, suppliers and customers developed over many years. These owners will often not consider selling to a competitor or financial investor who cannot guarantee this. I am looking to find one of these companies in order to acquire and manage it personally.

Type of companies

The ideal company will be based in Spain and provide services to businesses. Its annual revenues should be between €10-50 million. The company should have a track record of many years and a strong reputation, a stable portfolio of clients, and a solid team of professionals that I want to maintain.


My goal is to continue growing the company over the long term while maintaining its reputation and the service to its customers. I would love to be able to keep the owners involved after the sale to ensure an orderly transition, so developing a personal and trusting relationship with them before contemplating a transaction will be critical for both parties.

Professionalism and Trust

I have the capital and support of other investors to achieve this goal,and guarantee a high level of confidentiality. Any transaction will be straightforward and will not involve any fees paid to advisors who are not strictly indispensable.


My profile

I am a manager with more than 20 years of operational experience
I have worked 16 years for DHL, working very closely with my teams, with responsibilities in commercial, operational, financial roles. I was General Manager of DHL in a country with more than 400 employees, and I know what it means to span all aspects of a business – including strategy definition, team management and customer relations.
Additionally, I worked as a consultant at McKinsey&Company for over 6 years – including in the area of company transformations – helping my clients reach their full potential in a sustainable way.
I now want to put this experience at the service of your company.
For further information, please see my LinkedIn

I am looking to apply my experience in general management and business transformation to the further development of your company, while taking care of the legacy you have built.If you have been thinking of retiring or selling your company, let's talk.


My partners

Novastone Capital Advisors (NCA)

Novastone Capital Advisors (NCA) is a Swiss company, founded by a consortium of Single Family Offices, that runs an Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition program. I have launched Albion together with Novastone, and count on their support not just for the majority of my fundraising, but also for the operational support during the search, acquisition and value creation phases.


ALZA Capital Partners

ALZA is one of the leading private equity firms specializing in Search Fund investments in Spain and Latin America. Founded by former searchers who launched one of the first traditional Search Funds in Mexico and Latin America in 2013, ALZA focuses on generating value through hands-on guidance from practitioners who have “been there, done that”


Juan Luis Manaute

Juan Luis Manaute was the founder and executive of Logiscenter over more than 12 years before its divestment to a Search Fund. He is intimately familiar with the logistics and SME market in Spain, and is an active investor in several Search Funds.



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